June 2017

Field season is progressing! This summer we are grateful for the assistance  of Shehnaz Mannan and Erin Voss who are working with Sophie on wetland projects in the Delta. Welcome Erin and Shehnaz!

Anna Raffeld, a visiting undergraduate student from Brown University, is collaborating with us this summer on wetland and urban research. Welcome Anna!

The paper by collaborator Fanhua Kong “Modelling stormwater management at the city district level in response to changes in land use and Low Impact Development” has been accepted in Environmental Modelling and Software. Congratulations!

The paper by collaborator Matthew Shapero “Implications of changing spatial dynamics of irrigated pasture, California’s third largest agricultural water use” has been just accepted in the Science of Total Environment. Congratulations!

Iryna is attending the 2017 Fluxnet Conference in Berkeley, while Sophie is presenting the results from her research in the California Delta at the Society of Wetland Scienists annual meeting  in Puerto Rico.