October 2017

Welcome to Yuanyuan Zhao – our new Postdoctoral Researcher who will be working with Iryna and Professor Daniel Rodriguez at the Department of City & Regional Planning on the analysis of urban built environment in Latin America!

Iryna and Sophie presented posters at the State of the Estuary Conference in Oakland, October 10-11. Sophie’s poster was on “Phenological Indicators of Wetland Recovery in the Sacramento‚ÄźSan Joaquin Delta” while Iryna’s was “Using Remotely Sensed Phenology to Understand Wetland Composition and Dynamics at the Estuary Scale”.

Iryna & colleague Dr. Lu Liang co-authored a chapter “Phenological inference from time series remote sensing data” which was accepted for the new book “Remote Sensing Time Series Image Processing” edited by Dr. Qihao Weng, currently in preparation for publishing.

Iryna delivered a guest lecture on “Remote sensing of urban thermal environments” at the UC Berkeley’s MUD (Master of Urban Design) workshop series.