December 2017

The paper by Gopal Penny “Spatial characterization of long-term hydrological change in the Arkavathy watershed adjacent to Bangalore, India” was accepted in Hydrology and Earth System Science. Congratulations to Gopal and colleagues!

Iryna and Sophie attended the AGU (annual meeting of the American Geophysical Union) conference presenting posters on global meta-analysis of wetland canopy leaf area index and phenological indicators of vegetation recovery in restored marshes.


November 2017

LAEP’s Professor Kristina Hill and Iryna are part of the team proposal  selected for the Global Alliance 2017 seed funding on the project discussing opportunities for ecological adaptation to flood hazards in three major global cities, led by Professor Tom Spencer at Cambridge University.

Iryna visited Nanjing University, China and presented on her urban research at a workshop organized by the International Institute for Earth System Science, at a seminar  the Department of Urban Planning and Design, and  at the Research Centre for Eco-Environmental Sciences of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing. Many thanks to Professors Fanhua Kong, Haiwei Yin and Liding Chen for the invitations!

Professor Youngryel Ryu from Seoul University, currently a visiting scholar at Stanford University, visited our department and presented at our 3-group research seminar on “Land-atmosphere interactions across multiple spatial and temporal scales from plot to the global scales”.