April-May 2018

The paper by Iryna & collaborators “Spatio-temporal non-uniformity of urban park greenness and thermal characteristics in a semi-arid region” has been accepted in Urban Forestry and Urban Greening. Thanks to the colleagues for all the effort and congratulations!

Iryna and Yuanyuan participated in the Third biannual meeting of the Salud Urbana en América Latina (SALURBAL) project focusing on urban health in Latin America together with collaborators from UC Berkeley Institute of Urban and Regional Development, Dr. Xize Wang and Professor Daniel Rodriguez.

Iryna received a teaching grant from Berkeley Collegium for the project “Empowering urban design innovation using cutting-edge environmental science tools” in the program “Narrowing the gap between teaching and research”. This funding will be applied to develop a new research module for an undergraduate course in ecological analysis.

Professor Haiwei Yin’s paper on “Exploring zoning scenario impacts upon urban growth simulations using a dynamic spatial model” was accepted in Cities. Congratulations!

Our colleagues from Cambridge University and the National University of Singapore visited UC Berkeley in April for the workshop on the Global Alliance-funded project “Opportunities for ecological adaptation to flood
hazards in three global cities – London, San Francisco and Singapore”. Many thanks to Professor Kristina Hill and Olivia Shears for coordinating the meeting and to many of our Bay Area colleagues who attended and shared their work and advice.

Iryna, Sophie, Jed, Yang and Janet participated in the annual conference of the Association of American Geographers which took place in New Orleans, LA during April 10-14.