May 2019

The paper by Sophie, Iryna and the newcoming student Kendall Harris, currently ORISE Research Participant at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, titled “The potential of satellite greenness to predict plant diversity among wetland types, ecoregions, and disturbance levels” has been just accepted to Ecological Applications. Congratulations!!

Congratulations to Dr. Sophie Taddeo on finishing her PhD! Her dissertation “Remote sensing tools for the large-scale monitoring of vegetation dynamics in wetland ecosystems” provides important new insights on the opportunities to use cost-effective remote sensing instruments and metrics to facilitate the monitoring of wetland ecosystems in restoration, conservation and other contexts of regional management and planning.

Congratulations to Nick Depsky, Lulin Zheng and Kaiyuan Li on completing their Master’s degrees!

Iryna has presented our first year insights from the NASA-funded project “Using Remotely-sensed Phenology to Monitor Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services in Wetlands” at the NASA Biodiversity and Ecological Forecasting meeting.