January-February 2020

The paper “Experimental harvesting of wetland plants to evaluate trade-offs between reducing methane emissions and removing nutrients accumulated to the biomass in constructed wetlands” by Kuno Kasak and colleagues from the Biometlab got accepted in Science of The Total Environment. Congratulations!

Adam Dickenson, a graduate student in our MLA-EP project has joined our research project on post-restoration wetland change in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta. Welcome to Adam!

The new book “Planetary Health” by Island Press features Chapter 13 “Healthy Places to Live, Work and Play” written by Ana V. Diez Roux from Drexel University and several co-authors from the SALURBAL project,¬†including Iryna.

Iryna gave a talk in¬† the department of Environmetal Science, Policy & Management at UC Berkeley titled “More than just a tool: exploring biodiversity & ecosystem function through remotely sensed phenology”