January-February 2020

The paper “Experimental harvesting of wetland plants to evaluate trade-offs between reducing methane emissions and removing nutrients accumulated to the biomass in constructed wetlands” by Kuno Kasak and colleagues from the Biometlab got accepted in Science of The Total Environment. Congratulations!

Adam Dickenson, a graduate student in our MLA-EP project has joined our research project on post-restoration wetland change in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta. Welcome to Adam!

The new book “Planetary Health” by Island Press features Chapter 13 “Healthy Places to Live, Work and Play” written by Ana V. Diez Roux from Drexel University and several co-authors from the SALURBAL project, including Iryna.

Iryna gave a talk in  the department of Environmetal Science, Policy & Management at UC Berkeley titled “More than just a tool: exploring biodiversity & ecosystem function through remotely sensed phenology”


November-December 2019

Sophie Taddeo’s paper “Landscape metrics of post-restoration vegetation dynamics in wetland ecosystems” got accepted in Landscape Ecology. Congratulations!

Iryna participated in the leadership program for women in STEMM – Homeward Bound and visited Antarctica as a part  of the group including >100 women participants and faculty, the largest-ever all-women expedition to this continent.

October 2019

The paper by Sophie, Iryna and Nick “Spectral vegetation indices of wetland greenness: responses to vegetation structure, composition, and spatial distribution” has been accepted for publication in Remote Sensing of Environment. Congratulations!

August-September 2019

Welcome to Kendall Harris, LAEP’s new Master’s student who is joining Iryna’s NASA-funded project on remote sensing analysis of wetland plant diversity!

Iryna gave an opening presentation  at the Delta Invasive Species Symposium: Remote Sensing Applications for Management, titled “History and scale of remote sensing applications to managing invasive species”

Congratulations to our colleagues Haiwei Yin, Fanhua Kong and others – a paper ” Investigation of extensive green roof outdoor spatio-temporal thermal performance during summer in a subtropical monsoon climate ” was accepted for publication in Science of the Total Environment.

Congratulations to Yang Ju on filing his PhD dissertation!

July 2019

Jed’s paper “Urban Landscape Change Analysis Using Local Climate Zones and Object-Based Classification in the Salt Lake Metro Region, Utah, USA” based on his Master’s thesis has been accepted to Remote Sensing. Congratulations!

June 2019

Iryna’s single-author paper discussing aesthetic ecosystem services Landscape beauty: a wicked problem in ecosystem management?” has been just accepted in Science of the Total Environment.

Zack has been awarded a fellowship from MDPI’s Drones journal to participate in the DroneCamp 2019 in Monterey, CA. Congratulations!

May 2019

The paper by Sophie, Iryna and the newcoming student Kendall Harris, currently ORISE Research Participant at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, titled “The potential of satellite greenness to predict plant diversity among wetland types, ecoregions, and disturbance levels” has been just accepted to Ecological Applications. Congratulations!!

Congratulations to Dr. Sophie Taddeo on finishing her PhD! Her dissertation “Remote sensing tools for the large-scale monitoring of vegetation dynamics in wetland ecosystems” provides important new insights on the opportunities to use cost-effective remote sensing instruments and metrics to facilitate the monitoring of wetland ecosystems in restoration, conservation and other contexts of regional management and planning.

Congratulations to Nick Depsky, Lulin Zheng and Kaiyuan Li on completing their Master’s degrees!

Iryna has presented our first year insights from the NASA-funded project “Using Remotely-sensed Phenology to Monitor Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services in Wetlands” at the NASA Biodiversity and Ecological Forecasting meeting.

April 2019

Congratulations to Dr. Patty Oikawa and other colleagues on the Delta Stewardship Council grant for the project “Tidal Wetland Restoration in the Bay-Delta Region: Developing Tools to Measure Carbon Sequestration, Subsidence Reversal, and Climate Resilience” (http://deltacouncil.ca.gov/science-program/tidal-wetland-restoration-bay-delta-region-developing-tools-measure-carbon). Iryna is honored to be a Co-Investigator on this team contributing remote sensing expertise.

Iryna has joined the Synthesis group for the Wetland Monitoring Regional Program led by the San Francisco Estuary Partnership and National Estuarine Research Reserve and attended the first post-workshop synthesis meeting.

Iryna presented on multi-city remote sensing analysis of urban heat patterns at the Annual Association of American Geographers in Washington, DC. Sophie presented our recent research on national-scale wetland analysis at the Annual Meeting of the International Association for Landscape Ecology.

Congratulations to Zack on his INFEWS fellowship at UC Berkely!

March 2019

The paper by Sophie & Iryna “Wetland restoration in the San Francisco Bay-Delta Estuary: towards an integrated framework” has been just accepted to San Francisco Estuary and Watershed Science, minor corrective edits pending. Congratulations!

Congratulations to Professor Peng Gong on acceptance of the paper “Stable classification with limited sample: transferring a 30-m resolution sample set collected in 2015 to mapping 10-m resolution global land cover in 2017” to Science Bulletin (doi.org/10.1016/j.scib.2019.03.002)!

Iryna presented a talk “Inspiring urban design innovation with microclimate research tools” at the annual meeting of Council of Educators in Landscape Architecture (CELA) in Sacramento, California.

January-February 2019

Welcome to the new research assistant collaborators Nick Depsky from Energy and Environment and Zack Dinh from Landscape Architecture & Environmental Planning joining our wetland projects in Spring 2019! And welcome to Yang Ju who is joining the Berkeley team of the SALURBAL project on urban public health in Latin American countries!

In early February Iryna gave a talk “Environmental heterogeneity:
the key to ecosystem services through the lens of spatial sciences” at the Ecology & Evolutionary Biology seminar at the E3B Department in Columbia University.