November-December 2018

Iryna and Sophie participated at the American Geophysical Union’s annual meeting in Washington DC in December. Iryna presented the results of a new study developing phenological remote sensing-based indicators of vegetation structure and function in complex wetland canopies. Sophie presented a poster on phenological indicators of vegetation recovery in restored wetlands.

Students from Iryna’s Ecological Analysis Laboratory course (LD ARCH 110 L) gave a suite of exciting final project presentations in at the end of the Fall semester. We saw an exciting array of projects exploring the role of urban design and green space in microclimate from the new course module funded by the teaching innovation grant from the Berkeley Collegium.

Congratulations to Julia who has successfully submitted her Honors thesis and graduated from the undergraduate program!

October 2018

Iryna and Sophie contributed to organization of the Bay Area Wetland Regional Monitoring Program (WRMP) Vegetation Workshop led by the National Estuarine Research Reserve (NERR) in the San Francisco Bay. Iryna co-led the workshop together with Michael Vasey from the NERR and gave a presentation on the opportunities and constraints of current remote sensing technology for developing vegetation-based indicators for wetland restoration monitoring.

Congratulations to graduate student Chippie Kislik and Professor Maggi Kelly in ESPM on acceptance of the paper “UAVs in support of algal bloom research: A review of current applications and future opportunities. ” to Drones.

September 2018

Iryna participated in the 3rd  Workshop on Ecological Infrastructure for Coastal Resilience: Learning lessons from Singapore, London and San Francisco, which took place in Singapore. Many thanks to our Singapore hosts and collaborators from Singapore and UK!

Iryna participated in the meeting of the Science Advisory Team for the Wetlands Regional Monitoring Program, organized by the San Francisco Estuary Partnership.

Julia, Sophie and Iryna participated at the Bay-Delta Science Conference in Sacramento, CA. Iryna and Sophie gave talks on using remote sensing in wetland restoration monitoring, while Julia presented a poster on patterns of vegetation growth and ecosystem services.

August 2018

Iryna and a PhD student from UC Berkeley’s Energy and Resources Group, Valeri Vasquez have been selected among 95 women representing 28 countries next year for the Homeward Bound leadership program, 12-month intensive training for women in Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, Medicine (STEMM) culminating in a 3-week trip to Antarctica.

Iryna and Sophie attended the San Francisco Estuary Geospatial Working Group’s workshop on “Mapping Outside the Box: Visualizing Bay Landscapes in New Dimensions”

June-July 2018

Sophie’s research paper “Indicators of vegetation development in restored wetlands” has been accepted and published in Ecological Indicators. Congratulations Sophie!

Our undergraduate collaborators Julia Evered and Metta Nicholson have joined the new wetland research study and this summer’s field campaign.

April-May 2018

The paper by Iryna & collaborators “Spatio-temporal non-uniformity of urban park greenness and thermal characteristics in a semi-arid region” has been accepted in Urban Forestry and Urban Greening. Thanks to the colleagues for all the effort and congratulations!

Iryna and Yuanyuan participated in the Third biannual meeting of the Salud Urbana en América Latina (SALURBAL) project focusing on urban health in Latin America together with collaborators from UC Berkeley Institute of Urban and Regional Development, Dr. Xize Wang and Professor Daniel Rodriguez.

Iryna received a teaching grant from Berkeley Collegium for the project “Empowering urban design innovation using cutting-edge environmental science tools” in the program “Narrowing the gap between teaching and research”. This funding will be applied to develop a new research module for an undergraduate course in ecological analysis.

Professor Haiwei Yin’s paper on “Exploring zoning scenario impacts upon urban growth simulations using a dynamic spatial model” was accepted in Cities. Congratulations!

Our colleagues from Cambridge University and the National University of Singapore visited UC Berkeley in April for the workshop on the Global Alliance-funded project “Opportunities for ecological adaptation to flood
hazards in three global cities – London, San Francisco and Singapore”. Many thanks to Professor Kristina Hill and Olivia Shears for coordinating the meeting and to many of our Bay Area colleagues who attended and shared their work and advice.

Iryna, Sophie, Jed, Yang and Janet participated in the annual conference of the Association of American Geographers which took place in New Orleans, LA during April 10-14.

March 2018

Iryna has been just awarded a 3-year NASA New (Early Career) Investigator grant for the proposed study on using remotely sensed phenology as an indicator of wetland biodiversity and ecosystem services.

Iryna presented on “The potential of remotely sensed phenology to indicate regional-scale wetland ecosystem properties and post-restoration dynamics ” at the Estuary and Ocean Science Center at the Romberg Tiburon Campus of San Francisco State University.

Professor Joan Nassauer from the School for Environment and Sustainability at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor visited College of Environmental Design at UC Berkeley and presented on “Ecological Design: Science and Imagination”. The video of the talk is available here.

January 2018

Iryna presented at  a Delta Stewardship Council’s brownbag seminar series on ecosystem services in January in Sacramento, CA. Her seminar title was “Towards multi-functional resilient landscapes: environmental heterogeneity as a bridge among diverse ecosystem services”.


December 2017

The paper by Gopal Penny “Spatial characterization of long-term hydrological change in the Arkavathy watershed adjacent to Bangalore, India” was accepted in Hydrology and Earth System Science. Congratulations to Gopal and colleagues!

Iryna and Sophie attended the AGU (annual meeting of the American Geophysical Union) conference presenting posters on global meta-analysis of wetland canopy leaf area index and phenological indicators of vegetation recovery in restored marshes.


November 2017

LAEP’s Professor Kristina Hill and Iryna are part of the team proposal  selected for the Global Alliance 2017 seed funding on the project discussing opportunities for ecological adaptation to flood hazards in three major global cities, led by Professor Tom Spencer at Cambridge University.

Iryna visited Nanjing University, China and presented on her urban research at a workshop organized by the International Institute for Earth System Science, at a seminar  the Department of Urban Planning and Design, and  at the Research Centre for Eco-Environmental Sciences of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing. Many thanks to Professors Fanhua Kong, Haiwei Yin and Liding Chen for the invitations!

Professor Youngryel Ryu from Seoul University, currently a visiting scholar at Stanford University, visited our department and presented at our 3-group research seminar on “Land-atmosphere interactions across multiple spatial and temporal scales from plot to the global scales”.