Iryna Dronova (idronova at berkeley dot edu)
Associate Professor, Dept. of Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning, UC Berkeley
Affiliate Professor of Geography, Department of Geography, UC Berkeley

PhD: UC Berkeley, Environmental Science, Policy & Management 2012
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Graduate students & postdoctoral scholars


Yang Ju, postdoctoral scholar. Yang is working with Iryna and Professor Daniel Rodriquez at DCRP, UC Berkeley to develop spatial metrics of urban landscapes and built environment for a large international project – Salud Urbana en América Latina (SALURBAL), Urban Health in Latin America.

Kendall Harris, Master’s student. Kendall is working with Iryna on the NASA-funded project investigating the possibilities to monitor wetland biodiversity and ecosystem services using publicly available remote sensing data.

Adam Dickenson, MLA-EP graduate student. Adam is working on the analysis of vegetation dynamics and canopy transformations in wetland restoration projects using high-resolution remote sensing data.

Zack Dinh, MLA-EP graduate student. Zack is leading a new research study applying unmanned aerial vehicles for wetland restoration monitoring.

Jed Collins, MLA-EP, Assistant Researcher

Jed is joining our research group for 2017/18 academic year to work on a new project using remote sensing data to assess indicators of urban resilience to increasing heat phenomena in different climatic regions globally.



Nicholas Depsky, Master’s student, ERG. Nick is collaborating with us on the assessments of uncertainty in satellite assessments of wetland biodiversity.

Janet Torres, PhD student.  Janet is studying various aspects of historical and present-day transformations of landscape in Cuba at different spatial and temporal scales, with particular interest to foodways and development.

Undergraduate students


Metta is joining us again as a SURF fellow in summer 2019 to investigate the effect of invasive plant species on wetland biodiversity proxies from satellite images. In the past, she helped us with field measurements of vegetation growth in a chronosequence of restored wetlands and  preliminary analysis for a project studying relationships between species diversity and spectral heterogeneity in wetlands.




Past (and some ongoing) collaborators:

Sophie Taddeo, PhD, postdoctoral scholar

Sophie is studying the effects of restoration on wetland landscape dynamics in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, California. In 2016 she was awarded the Delta Science Fellowship to perform this research.


For her senior thesis, Julia studies patterns of vegetation growth in freshwater wetlands of the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta. Through this analysis, she is hoping to inform the design of future restoration projects to maximize the provision of ecosystem services associated to vegetation productivity in wetlands.



Yuanyuan Zhao is a postdoctoral researcher who worked at our Institute of Urban and Regional Development with Professor Daniel Rodriguez and Iryna on remote sensing-based indicators of public health in Latin American cities.

Ian McRae, recent graduate of our MLA program, who collaborated with us on environmental modeling of urban microclimates for the analyses of heat mitigation potential in dry-summer Mediterranean climates.

Linqian (Maggie) Sheng is collaborating with us via UC Berkeley’s Undergraduate Research Apprentice Program (URAP). Her research is investigating patterns of bird diversity across the major East Bay urban parks based on the crowdsourced citizen science eBird data and remote sensing and GIS-based landscape properties.




Anna Raffeld was a visiting undergraduate student from Brown University during Summer 2017 contributing to both wetland projects led by Sophie and geospatial analysis for urban studies with Iryna.




Erin Voss is helping us during summer 2017 to conduct field surveys in a chronosequence of restored wetlands in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta of California. She is also collaborating with us on a project looking at temporal changes in the structure, distribution, and spectral characteristics of vegetated patches in the Delta.


Shehnaz Mannan is helping us during summer 2017 to analyze remote sensing datasets to detect phenological changes in restored wetlands of the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta. She is also partaking in monthly field surveys of vegetation growth in restored wetlands of the Delta.



Kelsey Foster is working with us in spring-summer 2017 on research projects investigating ecological and biogeographic patterns in wetland canopy properties such as leaf area index and their relationship to ecosystem function and services both in California, USA and globally.



Visiting scholars 2016/2017:

Professors Fanhua Kong and Haiwei Yin, Nanjing University, China